Thank-you for choosing J.R. Panetta  
Furniture Restoration, a single owner
business. I started working with wood
when I was a young boy from watching
my father. I've always been fascinated
with the many different ways one can
work with wood. From turning spindles
for an original windsor chair to more
complicated tasks like repairing and or
replacing veneer on an 19th century lyre
base card table (lower left photo) to
french polishing a georgian-regency
triple pedestal dining table. It takes
many years of learning how to approach
each piece as an individual(for it really
is) and how to expertly restore it with
care and caution. I started as a cabinet
maker, and then became intensely
interested in antique furniture
restoration/furniture making. I worked
in a small shop with a few other
craftsmen doing just that. The
knowledge I gained by doing so will stay
with me forever, making this not just a
business but a passion. Now I
encourage you to take a stroll through
the rest of my website and familiarize
yourself with the type of craft I can
offer, and would be happy to
accommodate you with whatever you
may need.

Note: You can zoom in on any of my
images on any page by clicking on it. The
photos on this page are from the late
1600's/early 1700's(except the
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